My Classroom

       When I think about my classroom, one word comes to mind this year…DEPRESSING! I am so extremely blessed to be able to take a year of maternity leave to stay home with my new little girl. But, as much as her sweet, little smiles warm my heart, I am still a tad bit depressed that I do not get to decorate a classroom this year.
       When I first began my teaching career, my main goal was to have the cutest classroom imaginable. Honestly, I don't even recall planning for instruction that summer. I was highly disappointed when people didn't shower me with compliments that first year. So, I changed my goal to making people so overwhelmed with my adorably decorated room that they'd have to say something. Thus, I make additions to my classroom decor each year.
        I have always found it extremely important to have a comfortable reading area. This was the year I had the brilliant idea to let my students paint the walls to build classroom community. If you are a control freak, I do not recommend this.
       In case you have never taught in a school with an extremely small ELL population, they usually end up putting those teachers in a storage closet. This was the only "reading table" I could fit in such a tiny space for small groups. The walls are decorated with post cards, photos from my personal travels, and covers from Rolling Stone magazine.
       I love taking pictures (with parent permission) throughout the school year and using them as wallpaper. Each year, I keep my favorite photos to display again the following year. Former students love to come look through them.
       I was eventually upgraded to a "real" classroom when I began teaching fifth grade. I also added a couch and love seat to the mix…simply because my husband thought they were uncomfortable.
       My students sit in colored teams of four with numbered desks to help with classroom management. In addition, I keep accountable talk cheat sheets on their desks to promote academic language during class discussions.

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