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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas in 5th Grade ELA

Merry Christmas! 
It's that wonderful time of the year again when you have already given your semester exam yet still have a few days to fill with academic activities that won't totally destroy the Christmas spirit. Here is a collection of mostly free activities I have used in my classroom to get me through the final few days before that most anticipated break!

This is a wonderful and fun way to practice fluency and expose your students to the popular holiday poem. Simply print the cards, pass them out, and let your students begin reading aloud as a class. This product even suggests timing them each time to see how fast they can read. What a cute idea!

This product contains an informational text that students can read about the background of the beloved poem. This free sample only includes some of the aligned activities, but it was plenty to use in my classroom.

This packet contains several worksheets and writing assignments based on the actual Christmas poem. Combined with the two activities above, you should have a complete poetry unit!

If you are trying to shy away from being a "Christmas" offender, this is a wonderful academic activity for your kiddos! This is a very thorough guided reading packet with teacher instructions, leveled texts, and answer keys.

This product is aligned with the 4th grade standards, but it is pretty challenging. Let's face it, our 5th graders need all the practice locating evidence in the text to support their answers as they can get. I like to give this as a little holiday homework the last week before break. 

Okay, I think I have seen about a million activities like this on Pinterest this season. However, this one is thorough, fun, and FREE! You can't beat that!

This is another fabulous close reading packet that includes the text on three different levels and open-ended questions for three different reads.

Three Reasons:
Rachel Lynette's task cards are amazing.
Kids can always use more practice summarizing.
They're free! Duh!

This bundle includes the 'Twas the Night Before Christmas close reading I mentioned before, four Find Someone Who Christmas-themed games, and a Civil War socials studies analysis. It would definitely cover you for a few days of academic fun!

Okay…I saved the best for last. My students freakin' love these puzzles. I printed them on card stock, and they were a huge hit. I can easily pull them out when there is any down time, and the students even ask to play them during recess. If you click on only one thing on this blog, make sure it is this free product! 

Merry Christmas!