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Friday, November 6, 2015

Quick & Easy Formative Assessments

Teachers should conduct formative assessments in their classrooms daily. In fact, if you teach in one of the many district with high-stakes evaluations, your administration will look specifically for these types of assessments in your daily lessons. 

Formative assessments are designed to simply monitor students' learning and typically have little to no point value attached to them. The main purposes of these assessments is to help students determine their strengths and weaknesses and to allow teachers to note where students are struggling and adjust their teaching. You should have many formative assessments leading up to the big summative assessment.

Here are few TOTALLY FREE formative assessments you can use in any lesson.

This is an easy assessment that can be given at the end of any lesson. Personally, I love to use it with my project-based learning (PBL) units. I find that students also struggle to articulate connections, and this exit slip provides them with an opportunity to practice that in writing. 

Fist to Five is one of the easiest, quickest, and most common formative assessments. I keep this poster hanging in my classroom to remind students of the process. One drawback is that some students may not feel entirely comfortable holding up one or two fingers. Thus, I often have them close their eyes. 

I have never used entrance slips, but I think they are a brilliant idea. I love how it allows you to identify any major misconceptions students may have before beginning your lesson. In addition, it provides you with a type of pretest with which you can show growth at the end of your lesson.

Not only are these exit slips adorable, but they include excellent sentence stems for your students to write independently write about their experience with the lesson.

My favorite part about these exit slips is that they include a place for the student to write the daily standard. I often struggle to effectively incorporate the daily standard in my lesson.

These are fun worksheets that appeal to the students' interests while allowing them to summarize the information they retained from the lesson.

This wonderful collection of super cute exit slips would work for any lesson in any subject. They provide a variety of options for formative assessments. I particularly love how the students list their questions they still have and then provide their best guess at the answer.  It's such an amazing product; I just can't believe it's free!

Do you have any formative assessment you can share?

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