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Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to Play Find Someone Who

Find Someone Who is a favorite activity in my classroom. I love using it as a quick review, and the students enjoy getting out of their seats. 

Here's how to play:

You may note that I stated, "Here's how to PLAY." That's right…we play this as a competitive game in my classroom. The first student who has his or her worksheet completed and places it in my hand with all of the correct answers wins. So, students are racing (no running) and checking to ensure their answers are correct. If they turn it in with incorrect answers, I return the paper to them so they may have the option to correct any incorrect answers. Sometimes, we don't had e a winner…which is a sure sign that I need to review the skill. It is such a fun game, and all of my students always want to participate.

Do kids sometimes to cheat and purposely put the wrong answer? Yes…of course! This is fair game in my classroom, because you should already be checking your peers' answers after each question. If you think the partner chose the wrong answer, then you need to discuss the disputed answer. 

I have a wonderful Kagan grammar book that has several Find Someone Who activities ready for you to print and use. I love, love, love this book, but it isn't exactly aligned with the Common Core standards, and there simply aren't enough options. 

Since I incorporate this activity in my classroom at least once or twice a week, I started making the worksheets on my own. It's quite simple once you have created a format that works for you. I use PowerPoint and insert text boxes to ensure proper formatting. Here are some FREE examples of Find Someone Who activities I have in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Check them out!

What fun academic activities do you incorporate on a regular basis in your class?

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