Monday, November 16, 2015

Analyzing Visual Images

I actually love the new Common Core standards my state has adopted, but it has been quite a difficult shift. There are 75 new social studies standards for TNReady, and that can be a bit stressful…even for the most experienced, organized, and confident teacher. It may also tend to be frustrating when you are not sure exactly how to approach the standard. For example, how does one analyze a historical picture or photo? What does that even entail?

You could ask 25 students to analyze the photo above, and you would get 25 different answers. (In my class, you'd probably get a few crazy ones, too!) Children need specific guidelines for pretty much everything they do. And, let's face it…analyzing is a challenging skill for even your brightest pupils.

Luckily, I have a brilliant colleague who came up with a simple acronym that can be used to analyze any visual image. I created this poster, and our lives have been smooth sailing ever since.  (Well, at least when it comes to analyzing visual images in social studies class.)

Students simply fill out the FREE PICTURE Graphic Organizer. This worksheet can be used with any visual image. Once it has been completed, students are able to more effectively use the information in a constructed response essay.

To create your own worksheet, simply download my free PICTURE graphic organizer. Then, you can locate images on websites, like Google image. Once you have the image or images you wish to use, you can take a screen shot of the graphic organizer and reduce it in order to fit the image and graphic organizer on the same page. You can also display the poster and have students respond on their own paper, a white board, or orally. It's so easy to use! 

Here is an example of thirty images I use for analyzing historical images of slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction. This is a product in my TPT store, but you could easily create it on your own!

If you create your own worksheets, please feel free to share them right here!

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