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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Teaching Dialogue with Comics

       Although grammar can tend to be boring and repetitive for both students and teachers, I absolutely love teaching by students to write dialogue. It gives the students an opportunity to be creative and often times can be quite humorous. 

       For the past several years, I have used comic strips to practice writing dialogue, and I want to share the worksheets I have created with you and also show you how to create your own. 

       Let's start with a free example of a worksheet I have created. I use these worksheets in a few ways in my classroom. We usually start by filling in the speech bubbles as a class and rewriting the scene in narrative from together as a model. Then, I allow the students to work in groups to complete the same tasks. We typically share these upon completion, which the students rather enjoy. They love to make each other laugh! After the in-class activities, I give a worksheet as homework, and it is one time the students are actually excited to have homework. Finally, I give one as a graded assessment. 

       You can purchase five more similar worksheets from my Teachers Pay Teachers store, or you can create your own. 

To create your own worksheets, access a library of public domain comic strips from The Comic Strip Library. 

Select a comic or portion of a comic that includes a verbal exchange between two or more characters.

Copy the comic or take a screen shot of the desired portion.

Paste the comic on a PowerPoint template.

Insert a speech bubble over the words in the comic. (You may also need to insert white shapes to hide any undesired portions not covered by the speech bubble.)

Add instructions and lines with a text box.

Print and watch your students have fun with writing!

Please share any other fun ideas you have for writing dialogue! 

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