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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


       The other day I was feeling a little under the weather, and my husband suggested that I stay home from school. Ha! I promptly responded, "It is easier for me to drag my lethargic butt out of bed and go to school than to try to put in for a sub who may or may not show up, type detailed lesson plans said sub may or may not follow, and then plead with overworked colleagues to make copies." He just stared blankly at me, because there is no way on earth he would ever understand!
       As an experienced teacher, I can honestly say that writing sub plans doesn't get any easier with experience. I'll admit, it took several years for me to stop calling my subs in the middle of the day to just "check in" on the class. If you do that, please stop. It not only insults to your substitute but also defeats the purpose of taking off in the first place!
       So, if you are ever in a bind, be sure to check out my sub plans on TeachersPayTeachers. I'm adding a new, close reading lesson today that will be FREE for the next 24 hours. Enjoy!

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