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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Organizing Your Task Cards

       Keeping organized is essential to running a smooth classroom. When I first started using task cards in my classroom two years ago, I had a brilliant way to organize my task cards. I cleverly put them in labeled manilla envelopes and stacked them neatly in a bin.
        That did not work quite as well as I had anticipated. The envelopes were always a mess, and I often could not locate the cards for which I was looking.
       One day this summer, I spotted this super cute photo storage box at The Container Store and immediately thought about my task cards.
       So, I put a set in each of the 12 photo boxes.

       I created labels for each box and the answer key envelope. 

       They fit perfectly and are now organized for my whole class use and as a center for independent review.
       I even listed each center on the box to eliminate the need to search when I am busy during the school year. Now, my only problem is that I have way too many task cards. I'm going to need at least two more boxes!

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